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We are students from the cultural capital of Russia, Uliana and Dasha. Frankly speaking, it is our Big Dream to visit the USA. We're going to come to the USA this summer to work on a J-1 visa. Participation in the Work and Travel program is a good chance for us to acquaint with American culture, earn some money, meet new friends, improve our English and to travel around the USA. We are currently looking for a job, and we would be delighted to work in Your restaurant. We are energetic, positive, smiley, communicative persons, and already have experience of working as servers.

Our free time we are used to spend doing some interesting useful and inspiring activities, that are mentioned in the "Interests and hobbies" paragraph. Most of all we like film production, that's why sociability, organization and reliability are our merits. We always strive to create confidential and kind relations at work.

Employment agreement form is attached. If You are interested in, please, let us know as soon as possible.

Thank You for Your time and consideration.

We are looking forward to hear from You.


Dariia Aksenova and Ulia Kurbanova.


We are students from Russia. My name is Khristina and my friend's name is Olga. A few days ago we became Work and Travel participants and we will be coming to the USA this summer to work on a J-1 visa. This visa, sponsored by the US Department of State, allows us to work legally for up to 4 months. (We are planning to fly to the USA in early June and will be able to work till the end of August). We are currently searching for a job and this is the reason for the email.

We are very energetic, honest and open-minded. We have a good sense of humor and get on easily with other people of all ages and background. We always strive to have responsible and mature attitude at work.

Please find enclosed our CV. Thank you for your time and consideration. We may be reached at the address, by telephone or email as listed on our CV. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Khristina Somova, Olga Tuleva


We are students from Ukraine. My name is Yelyzaveta and my friend’s name is Anastasiia. For a long time we planned to travel to the USA, so here we find a chance to make our dream come true. We are sure that job in your company will help us to expand horizons and develop our skills.

Now we study at the State economy and technologies university of transport and without any difficulties can compare this with work .We like to meet people from different countries, to know their culture, traditions and history. Also we are enough communicable and sociable.By the way, we have experience of working at the hotel sphere as banquet waitress. Namely, in Hilton.So we have an understanding of work in hotels system.

We are planning to visit USA from the beginning of the May and will be able to work till the end of September. We are hardworking and get on easily with other people of all ages and background. 

Hope you pay attention to our candidacy. We can assure you that you won’t  regret choosing us.

Impatiently waiting for your answer.


Your possible future workers   Yelyzaveta Pavlova and Anastasiia Karpova

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